Dave Holland Bass Solo - The Balance

This is a transcription I completed recently.  I wanted to transcribe this because I love the way Dave Holland plays over odd meters.  He really does so with great freedom.  I find with my own improvisation, that I am more comfortable sticking with the common subdivisions or "claves" that odd meters present.

This tune, The Balance, has a "big 5" feeling to it, to my ears.  I wrote it out in using a bar of 6/4 followed by a bar of 4/4.  So if you think in terms of big 5, it's 3 beats followed by 2 beats.  The common 3:2 clave that feels comfortable and safe to me in 5.  However, Mr Holland plays around this clave, over the bar line, and everything in between.  And he makes it sound effortless and natural.  

I hope you find this useful and I welcome any corrections!